Sunday, January 22, 2012

Africa is Imploding

By Nicholas Contompasis

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Jan 22, 8:28 PM via web

This is a communique I just received from a friend in Kenya who is an expert oil analyst and fund manager who is seen quite often on Aljazeera English around the world.
Kenya is under great pressure from radical Islamic terrorists who are now killing Christians and burning churches.
As Aly my friend stated "it's all spinning out of control." he doesn't normally speak so candid which leads me to worry more about him and the region.
The region's stability is now being knocked off it's pedestal with Uganda and Somalia's wars now effecting Kenya.
The interesting part of what's happening in eastern Africa is that it's purely a religious war, Christian vs Muslim.
Churches are being burned and Christians are kidnapped and blown up daily. As this conflict continues to grow I wonder if President Obama will dedicate troops and resources to help prevent a genocide of Christians in the region?
With the northern rim of Africa now in turmoil it won't take much to set most of the continent into a full fledge religious war.

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