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America You Think You Know What's Going On With the Obama Administration But You Have No Idea!!!

by Ulsterman on January 24, 2012

A longtime Wall Street Insider details the still very much alive and kicking Shorebank, the growing Solyndra scandal, and the globalization goals of the Obama White House.

UM:  You indicated three specific things you wanted to discuss today – my “homework” as you called it regarding the walk around 19th and G in Washington DC, my recent interview with -Name Deleted- , and what you called the dismantling of the United States’ economy and military.  Is that accurate?

WSI:  Yes – that is correct.  Did you enjoy the visit to D.C.?  The hotel?
UM:  It was…yes…thank you.  The hotel was quite nice.
WSI:  And the walk?  19th and G?
UM:  Not so much.
WSI:  So much?
UM:  Maybe I was expecting…more…your tone was pretty ominous when you told me I needed to go take a look.  So…perhaps my expectations were a bit unrealistic.
WSI:  Ah…you were expecting…something else?
UM:  Yeah – sure.  Like I said…your tone was rather…dramatic.
WSI:  And you didn’t find the environment there equally dramatic?
UM: No.
The buildings – the IMF, the World Bank…they were impressive.  No doubt.  Massive-massive buildings.
WSI:  Massive – yes.  And you don’t even get it all from the street you know.
UM:  No?
WSI:  Nearly a third of it is underground I believe.  Was told that some time ago…
In fact, if I recall, if you take the square footage of the World Bank and both IMF buildings…they are larger than the White House, the Capitol building, the State Department, and the Treasury buildings combined.
UM:  Really? That doesn’t seem possible.
WSI:  It does give one pause, does it not?  Why those two entities – which are in fact simply different appendages from a shared entity…why…or how, the IMF and World Bank dwarf those symbols of the American Republic.  And the proximity upon which  they loom just down the road from the cradle of this nation’s democracy.  Those buildings represent an entire nation within a nation if you will…and a clear and quite present danger to the unique and critical ideal  of a self-sustaining Unites States.  An ideal that has been systematically bargained away and given over to the vultures of globalism.

UM:  That’s a mouthful.
WSI:  That is the cold hard truth of it.  And so it has been marching to that end for decades, and now it would appear the current president and those who comprise his administration and support system, are the final harbingers of that very certain reality.  If you did not grasp the enormity of that reality as you stood under the face of those buildings – those massive and never sleeping soldiers of globalization…I perhaps thought too much of your abilities.  Perhaps if you were to look into the timing of the IMF’s gold activities – and the accompanying Federal Reserve’s manipulations of the dollar…
Did you…take a look on the other side as I suggested.  The area that bookends 19th and G – with the White House almost directly in between?
UM:  I assumed you meant the Treasury building.
WSI:  Assumed?  So you…did not investigate that area as well?
UM:  No.
WSI: (Sighs)  Ah…so I did overestimate your abilities.  Or underestimated your ignorance.  That is my error.
UM:  I wasn’t aware – you didn’t make it clear I needed to—-
WSI:  (Interrupts) —Didn’t “make it clear”?  That is an excuse.  Excuses are what has brought this situation to it’s now near inevitable conclusion.  Don’t talk to me of “making it clear” – you were given an opportunity to see for yourself.  You failed to do so.
UM: Fine.  I failed.  How about you explain what I would have seen if I had went to that area…the bookend of 19th and G.  Perhaps I would have been just as underwhelmed as the IMF and World Bank buildings left me.
WSI:  How anyone can say they looked into such buildings…the thousands upon thousands of people inside of them…the security measures alone for the IMF…though perhaps you didn’t even bother to push it that far…no…you simply walked on.  As is the way with youthful indifference.  As is the way with those who would once again vote for President Obama.  The utter indifference that is the downfall of this gift.
UM: Gift?
WSI:  Yes – GIFT.   America.  It is a gift – one from God.  A divine gift to the world…and one that is now being rebuked.  Utterly shameful.  We will reap what we sow.
UM:  Back to the bookend – what did you want me to see?
WSI:  What you or anyone who simply takes a bit of time to discover…you have written on the very subject!  You write these things…then you move on.  Others read them…then they too move on.  So few take the time to then watch and learn…it all gets so…so dumbed down by too little time taken to comprehend what is right there in front of our noses!  Every time a nation undergoes a collapse…every time we then look back and pass judgement on how those involved could not see…all of the clues were there and yet they could not see.  But now…now we are the ones who choose not to see.  Or hear…because we have long ago forgotten how to listen.
I thought you were one to listen.
It appears I was wrong.
UM:  I apologize – that’s not true.  I misunderstood you – that’s not the same thing.
WSI:  Again…an excuse.
UM:  What was there you wanted me to see?  I wrote about it before?
WSI:  Yes – you did.  Everything you have written on I have followed – to the smallest detail, even your readers’ comments…knowing you are being given clues, are being led in a very specific direction…everything.  To do anything less would have been disrespectful of you.  I would not do that.  Have not done it.
But…perhaps I could have been more…clear in my direction.  Perhaps.
UM:  What did I – what did I miss?  What was it you wanted me to see?
WSI:  Do you recall Shorebank?  That quickly forgotten scandal tied to this administration…to the Democratic Party?
UM:  Yes…the failed bank.  It was the front for the Cap and Trade thing right?  Al Gore, Obama, the Clintons – they all had ties to it.  I remember.  Obama – President Obama…he was trying to give it a bailout but the political pressure was too much – he eventually had to let it fail.

WSI:  No – he did not.  That bank…that institution did not fail.
UM:  Yes it did – I read the coverage.  Shorebank failed.  It collapsed.  It was all over the news.
WSI:  You are right – they reported on its failure.  Just as they were supposed to do.
But Shorebank did not fail…it still exists.  Same people.  Same agenda.  If you had gone where I had suggested…you would have seen its proximity to the White House – how it bookends both the IMF and the World Bank.
UM: Shorebank?
WSI:  Yes.
The Solyndra scandal…I told you it represents but a fraction of the kind of corruption inherent within the Obama stimulus package.  Entities such as Shorebank, Solyndra, the pension funds…they are nothing more than multi-billion dollar fronts for this agenda.  And many hands for many years, from both political parties – but certainly more so from the Democrats and their supporters, have been dipping into that cookie jar.  It is that corruption that is far more damaging to the administration than even Fast and Furious, for such corruption is now so long standing it is institutional.  And you, perhaps unknowingly…but I am certain you were being led to that place…you touched on that very thing with your most recent interview with -Name Deleted- .
The demise of that operative.  The theft of the campaign finances.  The strong link between President Obama and the California Attorney General and then of course, the subsequent link to the Department of Justice…all appendages from the same host.  For those who take the time to look.  You unfortunately…have not.  Not fully.
UM:  First let’s get back to Shorebank.  You’re wrong on that.  I can pull up a hundred stories about its collapse.
WSI:  Yes – I am certain you can.
UM:  So?
WSI:  So – that is what was intended.  Can a person change their name and still exist? And are they not still the same person?
UM:  Yeah – of course.
WSI:  There is your answer.
UM:  Shorebank changed its name?
WSI:  Exactly.  Simple.  And I know you have readers who are likely already aware of that fact – they know. But you unfortunately…you simply marched on after being told Shorebank was no more.
UM:  So what’s the new name?
WSI:  U.P.B – Urban Partnership Bank…just another community activist sounding entity.  The kind that is so familiar to this administration.  The name change was reported on…just not nearly to the degree that the “collapse” of Shorebank was. And so…Shorebank lives on – simply having changed its name.
UM:  How so?  The money…the investments—
WSI: (interrupts) —The investments were quickly assembled – and directly by the Obama administration. Look over the list of investors – that information is easily available to you as well.  Institutions that had received tax payer funded bailouts were pushed to invest in the re-born version of Shorebank.  That is what the bailout and the stimulus provided the federal government – the regulatory authority to tell these institutions what to do.  And so they did.  Hundreds of millions of dollars – bailout funds…the people’s money…hundreds of millions spent to prop Shorebank back onto its feet and continue on its way.
And the very same staff remained.  The very same individuals who ran Shorebank and who worked so closely with Democrats and the globalization architects…those very same individuals now run U.P.B.   Shorebank then did not collapse.  She is the very same woman at the dance doing no more than wearing a different dress.  And you, like so many others who pretend to pay attention…you were fooled.
And are you aware of the motto that was Shorebank – that is still the unspoken motto of U.P.B. ?
UM:  No.
WSI:  “Building an inclusive global financial system”
Globalization…the consequential decrease of the United States in favor of…for lack of a better term…a one-world centralized system.  The IMF and it’s ugly and more clumsy cousin, the World Bank – that entity is working overtime now to see that dream a reality.  And no administration in my own lifetime has been so keen to make it happen.  President Obama is…of this I am quite certain…as devoted a globalist as has ever occupied the White House.
The Federal Reserve, working in conjunction with Treasury, has created the false floor that is the American economy.  Perhaps the illusion will play out for another year. or five, maybe even ten…but the time will come…you will be alive for it…perhaps even I will…when the illusion will reveal itself and the collapse will result.  And within that vacuum will come the move for aggressive and outright globalization.
President Barack Obama has been closely tied to Shorebank for far longer than most realize – nearly twenty years.  Is it so much to imagine then that his rise to power…an oddly meteoric rise mind you…is it so much to think that perhaps then there are those within the move for globalization that have been the unknown hand behind this untested and inexperienced man’s ability to be elected President of the United States?
UM:  A conspiracy?
WSI: No – a simple investment.  President Obama is nothing more than an investment with the expectation of return.  Nothing more.  What is politics – those who finance politics…but a system of investment?  So too is the Obama presidency.
What makes this different though, is that the return on investment this time is the collapse of the American economy and its subsequent replacement within the larger globalization movement.
Shorebank lives on – an entity whose motto is “Building an inclusive global financial system”.
And do you know of the four primary offices of Shorebank International?  Their specific locations?  How that information alone is the roadmap of where the Obama administration intends to take the United States?
UM:  The locations?  No.
WSI:  You have Washington D.C. of course.  And Chicago – from where President Obama began his political rise to power.  Where he has been united with Shorebank for nearly 20 years.
D.C. – Chicago…and then London.  The European Union hub if you will.
And then…Islamabad.
UM:  Islamabad?  Shoreline Bank?
WSI:  Yes.  You can look it up – the information is there to find easily enough.  A rather odd location perhaps?  Then again…perhaps not.
And that story of the campaign fund theft – your last interview…
UM:  Yes?
WSI:  Do you know the bank who held those funds?
UM:  I believe I read it – but I don’t remember the name right now.  Not off the top of my head.
WSI:  Again – that is lazy.  You must learn to recall such details.
UM:  Fine – just…just go ahead with your point.
WSI:  That was First California Bank…that is the institution that held the funds that were stolen.  Millions. From the Senator whose operative was found dead.  The Senator who crossed the labor unions.  You recall my warnings about the labor unions in all of this?
UM:  Yes.
WSI:  That bank – First California…are you aware they received bailout funds?  Approximately $25 million I believe.  It was in essence controlled then by the Obama administration.
Are you even aware that one out of every four or five dollars contributed to Barack Obama in 2008 came from California?  Does that not perhaps fit into your recent coverage regarding the now deceased operative?
And where will you find the location of Solyndra?
UM: California.
WSI:  And where will you find the single largest donor to the Obama campaign in 2008?
UM: California
WSI: And the political operative -Name Deleted- told you about?  The one found dead?
UM: California
UM:  Can I ask you a quick question?
WSI:  Certainly.
UM:  Did you attend the Clinton innauguration?  The first one?
WSI:  I have personally attended…on some level… every presidential innauguration since 1977.
Every one.
Why do you ask?
UM:  Just trying to be…less ignorant.
If you are able, will you attend the next inauguration if Barack Obama is re-elected in 2012?
WSI:  No…
(Long pause)
But that is not what I wish to discuss with you now.
Let me tell you of my world…a life’s work, ensuring the always-present security of the United States, and this administration and its supporters’ seeming clear intention of dismantling that security .
For once our economy falls, (raises index finger)… then the Chinese jackboot will soon follow.  The attempted slashing of our military, the destruction of our manufacturing and natural resources base…the speed at which it is all happening now…
…let me explain exactly what is being done.

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