Sunday, January 29, 2012

California, New York, Illinois Are Destroying the American Dream

By Nicholas Contompasis
The three states that are sinking America are California, New York and Illinois. These three states are the tail that now wags the dog. They are the hole in our bucket.
With 23% of the U.S. population enslaved by the Liberal Socialist-Democrat party, they should look towards Europe tomorrow morning when the member states sign away their sovereignty to a centralized government in Brussels. The weaker less industrialized nations of the Eurozone are forcing, due to their irresponsible financial dealings, all members to sign on to a centralized budgeting system that will oversee each country's spending and revenue collection, thus taking away a country's authority to tax and spend.
Good or bad this harsh tasting medicine won't go down well in the weaker bankrupt countries.
The three Democrat governors of California, New York and Illinois, their five out of six Liberal Democrat Senators, along with the 63 Liberal Democrats out of 111 Congressmen that represent these states, will be watching their state's future tomorrow. Do they care? Of course not; they're out for themselves and nothing more. But their actions will eventually force other more fiscally responsible states to lose their independence.
Unless these three states mend their ways, they risk losing their states' rights and the states' rights of all states in our country.
This would end the decentralized governing system our country has enjoyed for over 250 years. This layering of governance, historians have said, is what has kept our country together for as long as it has.

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