Thursday, January 19, 2012

Breaking News - Bombshell Allegations Against Obama

By Anthony Martin - January 19, 2012
According to a person who is described as a long-time Democratic Party operative and White House insider, a series of bombshell allegations have been made against Barack Obama revolving around possible murder, addiction, and atheism.
The allegations were made yesterday in an interview conducted by a reporter who works for a major news organization and posts interviews with the insider under the anonymous pen-name 'Ulsterman.'
Last year Ulsterman made headlines when he first began to publish the interviews with the insider, who claimed that traditional Democrats in the mold of Doug Shoen, Pat Caddell, and James Carville are alarmed over the direction Obama is taking the country and the damage he is doing to the Democratic Party.
The insider correctly predicted the exit of a series of top Obama advisers and a gargantuan scandal of historic proportions that would engulf the White House. Later, the story broke that the Administration had engaged in a gun smuggling scheme in Mexico in order to create false statistics 'proving' that 90% of the guns used by drug cartels come from the U.S. and thus, 'proving' that drastic new gun control laws are needed.
Critics have claimed that 'Ulsterman' is a hoax and that the 'insider' is made up. To back up their claims they have pointed to the fact that some of the predictions made in the interviews did not pan out and that thus far there is no independent corroborating evidence to prove that the insider's assertions are correct.
Nonetheless, such was the case when Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein first began to unravel the massive corruption inherent in the Nixon Administration. Their 'White House insider' was named 'Deep Throat.' Eventually the information uncovered by the two was considered so vital to the discovery of the Watergate scandal that a book and a movie came out about the entire thing entitled, All the President's Men. 
Ulsterman's latest allegations revolve around the 2008 Presidential campaign. The insider states unequivocally that Obama is an atheist and that everyone around him knew it from the beginning. His involvement in the church of the Reverend Jeremiah 'G-D Amerikkka' Wright in Chicago for over 20 years was merely part of his work as a community organizer. In the African American community, having a connection with a large black church is key to getting to know the movers and shakers in that community.
The insider also claims that religion is a big joke among Obama's inner circle, including Barack himself, Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and others.
In addition, the insider implies that Obama is an addict--a severe addict. He points to an incident during the 2008 campaign, just before the Democratic National Convention, in which Obama was taken into a back room alone by unnamed aides due to the fact that he appeared disoriented, weak, and shaken. A half-hour later he emerged fully conscious and aware, engaged, and at the top of his game.
What happened in that room to Obama that can reasonably account for such a dramatic turnaround?

According to Ulsterman, the insider claims that very few persons know what happened, and that information was tightly guarded. One person, however, somehow got the information, a young Democratic operative on the West Coast, who mysteriously wound up dead of 'natural causes.' No investigation was conducted into the death.
The full interview is available in two parts at The Ulsterman Report here and here, and contains further bombshell allegations concerning Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party, nebulous, shadowy figures of enormous influence to the Clintons and Obama, and information on Ron Paul and how these shadowy figures would like to use the Texas Congressman to insure Obama's reelection.

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