Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Presidential Platform of Nicholas Contompasis for President of the United States - Would You Vote for This Platform? - January 7, 2012 - A Partial List

1. Repeal ObamaCare

2. Abolish the Department of Education

3. Abolish the Department of Energy

4. Repeal Dodd-Frank

5. Break up all big banks into at least twenty smaller banks each with no conflict's of interest. Limit government supervision over them and cap their asset and liability amounts.

6. Mandatory rifle and shotgun training for all high school seniors in their last month of senior year, both boys and girls.

7. Tax credits for children that bring senior parents into their homes to support.

8. Mandatory high school class on the facts of abortion and the taking of a human life no matter what stage of development or age it's in.

9. National Identification Cards for all legal U.S. citizens, which must be presented when voting in all public elections.

10. There will be no Czars in my administration.
All cabinet level appointments will be approved by Congress and all directives from that office will originate from the approved Secretary.

11. I would renegotiate our trade agreement with China and tie it to China's military expansion.

12. I would grant asylum to any Christian fleeing religious persecution.

13. I would insure and preserve the historic traditions that make us Americans!

14. Assimilation of all ethnic groups into the America fabric will be paramount under my administration. There will be no ghetto-type clustering of groups that could undermine the security of our country.

15. Tax deductions for contributions to legitimate religious groups only, will receive a three times multiple for every dollar contributed on personal income tax returns.

16. A $100,000 tax credit for every American baby adopted!

17. There will be NO "One World Order" supported by my Administration.

18. It will be unlawful for United Nation's troops or personal, other than to maintain their headquarters in New York City, to enter or have any authority over American citizens, their property or God given rights so proclaimed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

19. There "WILL BE" a three layer fencing and electronic surveillance system on our entire southern border by the end of my first term in office. If the Chinese can do it hundreds of years ago we sure as hell can in the 21st century!

20. A full investigation of both Republicans, Democrats and any recipient who profited from Congressional insider information shall be jailed, return all profits retroactively ten years or both.

21. I will authorize a full investigation of all personnel of the Obama Administration including all Czars for treason and acts against the American people.

22. Drill baby drill and I mean everywhere. But, we'll do it responsibly.

23. I like clean water, I like clean air and we will have a clean environment for our children and grandchildren.

24. America, as the leader of the free world, will lead by maintaining a responsible fiscal house and approve annually a balanced budget. That budget will be adhered to with penalties and dismissals for overages or rewards for savings.

25. "I WILL" tear up the START Treaty and Russia look out, Dr. Nick's America is coming for you and it includes a castration!!!! As far as Nick's concerned its still 1975!

26. Under my administration all future military ventures will be paid for by the country hosting the party (war), whether they like it or not!!!! No more Mr. Nice-guy.

27. I will push for new laws outlawing Sharia Law in America and would file suit against this so called Muslim religion in an attempt to declassify it as a cult.

28. There will be an electric car in every driveway when its economically and technologically feasible to produce, without one cent from the American taxpayer.

29. I would increase our national defense budget and allow our Generals to run the military as they see fit, DADT (Don't Ask, Don't Tell).

30. Yes, under my administration there will be water-boarding of terrorists who want to harm my beloved American people.

31. In tune with a fiscally responsible Federal government, all states will be required to pass annually, a balanced budget. No deficit spending will be allowed by states if they expect to receive Federal monies, that's all Federal monies. California are you listening?

32. All dividend, interest and capital gains income will be tax free to individuals.


34. I will give any corporation that has parked profits overseas a two year window to repatriate the monies into the United States, as long as they can prove they will create new jobs here in the U.S. A equation of dollars transferred per new hire will be determined and monitored

35. I would turn over many of the homes now in inventory by Fanny and Freddy to qualified senior citizens who are now in government assisted housing. They would occupy not own. They would only pay property taxes and the maintenance of the home.

36. I would initiate a thorough compliance and financial audit of every union in America. We need to know where their money is going and coming from.

37. Slash the corporate income tax rate to half of the industrial world's average.

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