Thursday, February 20, 2014

Corporate Paranoia Now

If you are a CEO of any corporation or business entity in America, no matter what size, you're a target. Obama's anti-business, well it's really not anti-business, it's more like mafia style extortionist practices by using the IRS, DOJ, EPA and all other Federal agencies to fine intimidate and prosecute any business leader who dares defy or question his mandates.
Notice all the recalls from corporations of their products. Corporate American knows the President looks for anything and I mean anything to come down hard on a private sector business.
In this country we have laws in place for any consumer to bring suit against a company for wrongs they may have committed, but now the government is stepping in to consolidate it's power over the private sector by getting corporate America's "head right" on who to support politically and what not to say and do publicly.
The tyranny is finally here as warned by Ayn Rand. Like a chapter out of her book Atlas Shrugged, Americans are now feeling just how tyrannical government can be.
I wonder just how much they will take until there's violence in the streets?
- N.P.Contompasis

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