Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What Putin of Russia and Brown of California Have in Common

What President Putin of Russia and Governor Brown of California Have in Common
It’s being reported that Putin’s Russian Winter Olympics cost nearly $50 Billion to put on, which is about $40 Billion more than prior winter Olympic events. Claims of massive corruption due to Putin style cronyism are to blame, with Putin walking with billions in his back pocket.
Now, on to California’s Governor Jerry Brown with his bullet train to nowhere that’s estimated to cost $80 to $100 Billion. That’s double Putin’s cost to throw the Olympics.
A $100 Billion train not only looks a little high but smacks of massive corruption that even Putin would be salivating over.
This is the future tax bill for California taxpayers whoever’s left paying taxes.
But, ObamaCare is the whopper of trains to nowhere and corrupt Olympic spending. It moves the corruption needle from Billions to Trillions.
Why the American taxpayer isn’t in the streets with pitchforks still baffles me. – N.P.Contompasis

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