Wednesday, February 19, 2014

American in Decline - By Choice!

I remember when the Soviet Union, Communist Russia for all you young-uns out there, was in such decline a West German flew his single engine plane and landed it in Red Square without setting off a million alarms in the Kremlin just feet away. It wasn't a nuclear attack from the United States that showed the world they had declined, it was just a single act by one man.
The United States by appearance is giving off the same image these days. It's an image of weakness, decline and vulnerability. We can't protect our borders, fund our military, including our wars and revive our economy.
But, with the Soviet Union it was the entire system that was flawed.
The problem with the United States isn't the system, it's the leaders who guide it and the citizenry who elect them. It's time to wake up America before you break a system that works and a country that needs to keep standing as "that shining city on a hill" for the world to follow.
- N.P.Contompasis - from my blog posted Friday October 28, 2011

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