Monday, February 24, 2014

HBO/True Detective and Bobby Jindal

By N.P.Contompasis

Governor Bobby Jindal (R) of Louisiana should be hopping mad over HBO’s new series True Detective starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. It takes place in, of course Louisiana, where two State Policemen, McConaughey and Harrelson, investigate strange ritualistic satanic murders. The story is very good. It’s only in its sixth week, but will prove to be a real winner for the cable network.
But, after six weeks of watching this excellent series the trained political eye can see where the story is headed.
HBO has proven to all they are no friends of the Republican Party especially the Conservative end of the political spectrum where Governor Jindal lives.  Keep in mind that Jindal is a Republican front runner for President or Vice President. Oh and did I mention his skin color is brown?
With True Detective HBO follows their subtle pattern of smearing any idea that stems from the Right and in this case its school vouchers and private Christian schools.
Governor Jindal is a big proponent of school vouchers and has expanded his voucher program in his state over the past few years. The Obama Administration has done everything possible to stop this expansion but so far the Governor is making progress.
But, it seems someone at the top of the food chain isn’t happy with the Administration’s pushback. Now they’re using stories like True Detective to demonize school vouchers, Christian private schools and Southern Conservative politics.
It’s the subliminal messaging that HBO and other Left swinging networks do that knock good ideas off the radar screen with the general public and this insidious mythology needs to be pointed out when it occurs.
Our schools are not getting any better. The teachers unions won’t get rid of bad teachers and continue to add on high paying administrative positions. More and more of our school tax dollars are being directed away from the classroom instead of into them.
The unions want our children 24/7. They want to feed them three meals a day because they say it will control the massive child obesity problem in our country. They are teaching our children strange ideas that don’t mesh with what would be called common knowledge. They want to mass produce Democrats and are doing just that.
Political campaign money continues to flow into the Left’s coffers from these educational unions continuing the cycle of failure our nation’s children are facing.
HBO should be very proud of True Detective and its never-ending assault on common sense.

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