Saturday, February 22, 2014

California's Convenient Drought

In California the average newly developed residential acre of land can return annually at least $20,000 in property taxes to the state, county and local governments. This doesn’t include income taxes and sales tax collected on purchases of goods by the average family that lives on that acre of land.
Now, how much do think a head of lettuce pays in property taxes and sales tax in one year? Correct, not much and remember they don’t vote.
This paves the way to California’s future and the demise of the most productive farming region in the world. California’s Central Valley and beyond will slowly be turned into parking lots, housing developments and strip malls, all for the sake of the almighty buck and more importantly the political élite.
You see it’s far more profitable for California’s political élite to turn water denied farmland into more profitable means.
At the top of their list of ideas for this land are solar farms that will generate the power for these new developments that will soon be peppered throughout the region. Many of California’s politicians have already dipped their toes into this new California industry. Some are going as far as saying these representatives of the people are taking advantage of the drought by adding to the problem by stopping all water to California farmers which was announced this week, thus causing the land to be nearly worthless. Land made worthless by Federal edict means somebodies about to get rich, real rich.
But don’t you worry; filling those new homes isn’t going to be a problem. Many are now moving out of the Golden State because they can see through this self-serving political élite. Based on the California’s liberal immigration policies many are expecting half of Mexico to be living in southern California within the next forty years.
You see California’s powerful need the state’s farmland to survive. Like a head of lettuce without water, a California politician will shrivel up in the noonday’s sun without votes.  
Enter, California’s convenient drought!!!! – N.P.Contompasis

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