Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Where Did This Anti-corporation Anti-capitalism Movement Come From?

I’ve been racking my brain for years trying to figure out why our President and his friends on the Left are so dead against big corporations and the economic system that’s the lifeblood of our nation, Capitalism. I figured most of these individuals, although educated were misguided from misleading college professors and a poor background. But, as I finally started to expand my scope on the problem I realized that this wasn’t necessarily an American issue.
In America we have laws. As a matter of fact we have so many laws the average person breaks ten to twenty in an average day. These laws are not only on the books but most are enforced. Many of these laws allow the average person the ability to sue an offending person or in larger cases big bad corporations that supposedly suck the life and blood out of the average consumer.
In America we don’t have accidents like the 1984 Union Carbide Bhopal, India gas leak with 3,787 killed and 558,125 injured. We have laws and regulations that stop things like this from happening. The laws and their enforcement are what keep corporations and the average American corralled from venturing too far off the reservation.
Earlier in 1977 the Nestles Corporation was accused and rightfully so for using unethical methods of promoting infant formula over breast milk to poor mothers in developing countries causing many problems with newborns.  
We still to this day have tobacco companies selling their sticks of death to third world countries so they can pay off the billions owed from lawsuits where laws are enforced. The diabolical story of how tobacco corporations developed their high powered tobacco is enough to turn off any smoker who thinks logically.
The list of multinational corporations looking the other way, while oil wells leak off Africa’s coast and pharmaceutical companies test their new drugs on third world poor, is long.  But nothing can top the 2008-9 worldwide economic collapse that almost took down the whole show. By now you should know most of the gruesome details of U.S. banks offloaded consumer debt to the world while misrepresenting its quality. Yes, we really did it this time Mr. & Ms. Capitalist. We just may have melted the glue that keeps a Capitalist system going and that’s trust!!!
It has been four years since this great economic disaster. It’s not over, you may think it is, but it isn’t. Most experts are still wonder if there’s any juice left in the old bird as the Federal Reserve attempts to back off on its morphine injections into our equity and commodity markets.
But, I digress. The topic is why the hate for corporations? After listing just a few of the horrific acts by multinational corporations the hate obviously comes from overseas not America. The hate is for King Rat America who leads the rest of industrial nations and its system of profiting off third world peoples. Communism has, since 1917, played a part in the demonizing of capitalism’s henchmen, corporations, but that went away 23 years ago in 1990 with the fall of the Soviet Union.
Even with the Soviet’s great fall capitalism still messed up huge in 2008-9 which left most in the world wondering, if this isn’t working, what’s next and are we a part of it?
The hate now for corporations is that they’re not doing the job. They’re not employing enough people, they don’t pay enough and they don’t pay enough to the government. But stop thinking “America” and start thinking the world. This hate is about not knowing what’s next. What system will work and keep mankind from killing each other for the last scraps of food and commodities left on the earth? The question now is, where do we go from here since corporations aren’t solving the problem. Where do we go if Socialism, Marxism, Capitalism, Communism and every other ism doesn’t work?
With Globalism now entering an empty world stage, accompanied by a stiffly controlled G-8 and crony-capitalist leeches, it seems the failed leaders of dwindling superpowers are making a last ditch attempt at “bigger is better” by including everyone around the world equally on a share of the pie.

But, there’s no doubt that the same faults that plagued capitalism are now on board Globalism like the killer Alien in Ripley’s escape craft.   – N.P.Contompasis 

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