Monday, December 9, 2013

Are Social Networks Part of the CIA-NSA-FBI-White House Information Gathering Conspiracy?

Eight firms, Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, AOL, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Yahoo, have formed an alliance called Reform Government Surveillance a group to combat big government’s attack on Americans privacy.
Can you trust these organizations to defend your privacy? Are they part of the problem? Do they work for the U.S. Government? Is this push-back just a facade?
These are all questions every American should now be asking. It has long been thought that Google was part of the CIA. No real proof has surfaced so far, but if you were a spy agency Google would be your best tool to find out what people are doing and thinking.
We all know that many of the White House staff has already moved to Facebook and other social networks. Vice President Al Gore still has his fingers in many of these organizations. There is a government connection with all of them so why would they now come out swinging against the very institution that may have helped form them and are used by them?

So many questions and no real answers, but one thing is sure, every American has a problem and that problem could potentially land them in jail for just speaking their mind. – N.P. Contompasis  

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