Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How the Mainstream Media Works Now

This is an example of how the Mainstream Media works "NOW". 
Let's say that an average of 500 people in America have their pocket's picked but the M.M. never reports them because it's too minor of an incident. 
But, when a Leftist Machiavellian politician like our President notices that out of 500 victims 3 are gay or black he literately with visits to the White House directs the M.M. to bombard the American people on a daily basis of this false injustice.
The M.M. ignores all facts of the three cases and just reports the incident. Their operatives in the blogosphere do the rest of the damage.
Unfortunately, most of the news now in the M.M. are these types of stories. This means that most stories in the press are politically manipulative. It's a dangerous world out there and our own press is making it even worse.
- N.P.Contompasis

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