Saturday, December 21, 2013

Goyophobe and Duck Dynasty

"Goyophobe" – A Word You Should Know About and Explains the Duck Dynasty Problem
This is a new word to me, but it seems to be making the rounds these days since many are waking up to the powerful control Liberal-Jews have by owning internet social networks like Facebook, internet search engines like Google, all major media outlets such as Hollywood - ABC – NBC – CBS – CNN - Disney – Hearst Corporation – A & E – Esquire Magazine, 15% of the Senate, the judiciary including the Supreme Court, the Federal Reserve – new and old Chairpersons, the Democrat Party (DNC), and in the Obama Administration.
The word “goy” which is the first part of this word is a Hebrew and Yiddish term for a non-Jewish person; synonymous with "gentile."
The last half of the word is “phobe” which means denoting a person having a fear or dislike of what is specified and in this case it would be gentiles - Christians.
The word Goyophobe is a real word and is used quite a bit by people who don’t like you and are afraid of your numbers and power. They fear you for many reasons of which I’ll let you figure out, but the fear is real and almost unspoken in mixed company (none-Jewish).
The Conservative side of Judaism isn't the problem here; it’s the typically Leftist Jewish population that fit the bill. Their ever-present attempt at dividing and conquering can be seen everywhere from Executive Orders out of the White House to Supreme Court decisions and on to Legislative action.
You see, in plain English it was “goyaphobes” that took Phil Robertson off his Duck Dynasty Show on A & E. It wasn't GLAAD that took Phil off, it was the corporations and the Leftist political powers from the White House on down that kicked him off.
Goyophobes fear you Christian. They fear your numbers and they will do anything to stop you, even violate the very Constitution many of them have been sworn to uphold.
Phil Robertson is a very smart man and he knows he has placed himself in the middle of a Roman Collision with tigers and lions eyeing him for their lunch.
Now, that’s what I would call real Christian bravery, like we’re now seeing in Egypt and other parts of Africa where Islam is spreading their veil cult.
Phil has taken on the ‘goyophobes” single-handed and with all of your help and support I know he can win this subtle but dangerous war against Christianity. – N.P.Contompasis

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