Friday, December 20, 2013

The Betrayal of Phil Robertson

A & E (Duck Dynasty) is owned by Disney - who is the CEO of Disney? Bob Iger. Bob Iger is a Liberal-Jew. Iger donated $35,800 to the Obama reelection campaign. Do you need more proof America what the firing of Phil Robertson is all about???
GQ who did the hit piece on Phil Robertson is owned by Esquire. Esquire is owned by Hearst, A&E Networks are owned by a joint venture between Hearst Corporation and Disney-ABC (both maintain 50% ownership).
Steve Swartz (Jewish) is CEO of Hearst Corporation and Bob Iger (Jewish) is CEO of Disney both in a joint venture who owns ESQUIRE who owns GQ who did the hit piece on Phil.
If these two Jews (Swartz and Iger) own the show and the magazine that did the hit piece on their most successful cable show, I’m wonder what are they trying to do? Is this about stupidity or is it about creating a Zimmerman-Martin incident for political reasons? Is it about money and increasing viewers which always has to be considered?
But is it more about politics? Since most of the viewers are in Red States and are Conservative Christians is this another hit on Christians by Liberal Jews in powerful places who continue to diminish Christian influence in our society? Do Swartz and Iger plan on crucifying Robertson like the Jews did to Christ two thousand years ago? Is the vendetta still out there?
Whatever is going on the powers at work are playing with fire and that fire just could burn the hell of them. – N.P.Contompasis

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