Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Black Man is Pissed

Political experts know who the real power is behind Leftist politics and how it works. They understand that the black man is rarely represented by a black in public office. Statistically it's a fact that a white Liberal Jew becomes their spokesman. The Senate is a perfect example of this since the black population makes up 14% of America and there is only one Senator representing them. Liberal Jews have 15 Senators with a U.S. Jewish population under 4%. Many outspoken black leaders have said for years that the black man is still on the plantation, but it’s the white Liberal Jew that’s the slave master now. So, after understanding the numbers, who could argue with this truth?
These are political facts that can't be refuted but are seldom discussed for fear of a massive attack for anti-Semitism by Liberal Jews and the media they control. This is why Spike Lee the very excellent producer and director has been almost banned in Hollywood for his similar comments against Liberal Jew’s iron hold on the political black scene and movie making.
This video I’ve included is of a town meeting held by Al Sharpton this past week, just after he received his marching orders at a meeting in the White House, illustrates the massive frustration with President Obama and Illinois politics that are basically run by a white Liberal Jew by the name of Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Like one of the black speakers said “how dumb can we be” for continuing to vote for people that don’t represent us.
Amazingly, the Tea Party was held up as a model for them to push back for more representation. Interesting huh???
Enjoy the video and take note of the measured anger from Chicago’s intelligent black population.
If I am a politician in Chicago or in the White House I’d be thinking hard about changing my ways, because the black vote just could go conservative in the next election or not vote at all. – N.P.Contompasis 

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