Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Bitch-Slap Everyone Missed

By Nicholas Contompasis

The Fed's decision on interest rates this week meant America would wallow in this depression for at least two more years. Thus, Obama's economic policy is a failure. The announcement illustrated the Fed's frustration with the President. It was the boldest step taken by any Fed chief against a sitting President I've ever seen.
I see a historic cataclysmic indifference developing between these two powers that could be the making of someone stepping down.
I wonder what Obama will do with all his free time, play golf?


Ric said...

He will keep playing golf; at least his predecessor had the class and decency to quit playing golf while our soldiers were coming home dead from the wars.

Ric said...

Obama will keep playing golf, because he has no class. Bush had class, and the decency to quit playing golf while our brave soldiers came home after making the ultimate sacrifice in our wars.