Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Top Ten Reasons for Cutting Out Letterman’s Tongue

By Kevin Rush
#10.His bandleader is a Jew.
#9.Shamelessly pandered to famous Jew singer, Barbra Streisand, to get tickets to her exclusive concert.
#8.World Wide Pants leaves too much of the world exposed.
#7.The deli he features on his show sells pork rinds and BLTs.
#6.Gave airtime to infidel Bill O’Reilly to explain remarks about the “Muslim problem.” There is no Muslim problem!
#5.Allows the women he sexually harasses to walk beside him rather than six paces behind.
#4.Makes jokes about a grown man raping a fifteen year old girl without mentioning he has to marry her first.
#3.Prosecuted his stalker in American court where she would get jail time, instead of under Sharia where she would have been stoned.
#2.Allowed his wife of 23 years to divorce him and take half his money when he could have cut off her head in an honor killing.
#1.He could easily be mistaken for a Jew.

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