Friday, August 19, 2011

David Letterman Death Threat - America Muzzled By Islam and the American Left

By Nicholas Contompasis

What does the American Left have in common with Islam? They both favor prohibiting freedom of speech.
This past week it was reported the David Letterman, the rarely watched TV comedian, had been threatened by a Jihadist website for making a joke of a drone strike against a Taliban leader. The joke, typically not funny, set the Muslim world ablaze with anger that produced this very serious threat.
At this time the Letterman camp is circling the wagons and preparing for the worst while America watches their freedoms threatened.
The irony in all of this is, that Letterman a champaign of the Left has promoted politically correct speech which has muzzled America for years. Even off-color jokes from professional comedians is now a taboo. It's gotten so bad that the average American speaks in low whispers when telling a joke or describing a coworker. It's that bad!
The first time America experienced this type of intimidation was in 1988 when Salman Rushdie published "The Satanic Verses. The Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran issued a kill order on Rushdie for his slanderous book of Islam.
The world was shocked and sent many governments into a frenzy over what to do. Can a government protect a citizen from this type of threat for simply expressing their thoughts in writing or over the airwaves, it seems not!
Now, with the Letterman threat, everyone is at risk of assassination from Islam. With bloggers and worldwide internet talk radio, by anyone who wants, the anger is mounting throughout the Islamic world towards everyone who speaks out against it.
Like the "politically correct" movement that started in America during the Clinton Administration as a way of attacking anyone who refused to be muzzled, Islam is now doing it with death threats.
What Americans have to realize is that our freedoms end at our borders and when you go beyond you're in a primitive forbidden territory that can someday drive up to your front door and blow your head off.

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