Sunday, August 14, 2011

Globalization's Effect on America - In Other Words - Man Are We Fu*k'n Stupid!!!

By Nicholas Contompasis

You can feel the frustration across America as the Republican Party presents their candidates to the world. The accusations and slanderous comments about each candidate are now crisscrossing the internet swirling everyone's head.
At this time there seems to be no candidate that crosses the threshold of perfection. But, does America really know what perfection in a candidate looks like when it's in front of them, many don't.
They don't, because the ground rules and players, in now the most important global game ever to hit mankind, has arrived. For whoever wins this coveted prize, rules the world and the money and power that comes with it.
The American people need to understand that their country is being invaded by foreign money and ideas that are contrary to theirs. The masking of these forces has now reached perfection with the current occupant of the White House.
You see, we no longer vote for a Democrat or Republican ideology, it's now about a new secret force in town and it means to turn every American into a person of the world, wiping out any thought of nationalistic pride. Their intent is to convince you by suggestion or force that you are now a worker bee giving all that you accomplish to those that choose not to work.
Many American's feel as though their country has been occupied by a foreign power and they would be right, because it has.
To put it bluntly, there is a third party that has wormed its way into our Presidential race. That party could be called the International Party.
This party wants no borders, a one world currency, one language, one government with an equal distribution of wealth spread around the world. That means your wealth, no matter what amount.
Sound familiar, of course it does. It's the new face of communism-socialism, but on a grander scale and more ominous.
They've creeped into both parties, Republican and Democrat. RINO's and far left Democrats are part of this movement.
It's understandable once you recognize the problem, that many Americans are confused when choosing a Presidential candidate these days.
So, I feel I have a solution to their vetting of candidates going into the 2012 election year.
As you look into each candidates background, look for any connection and involvement with international globalization organizations. Look for campaign contributions coming from these organizations. Look for videos and recordings of them speaking to these organizations. Check travel to countries not so friendly in a traditional way towards America. Oh and let's not forget watching for people like a George Soros who want nothing good for our country.
The American people need to look for globally vetted candidates that represent foreign unfriendly interests. Make no mistake, these interests do not have your wellbeing at heart.
Yes, its complicated, and they want it that way. They think you won't check if it's not on the front page or part of a talking head's talking points.
But, you better check, because the lives of you and your family are at stake.

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