Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bin-Laden Navy Seal Hit Team - Killed Today - Set Up By President Obama?

By Nicholas Contompasis

Early reports indicate that twenty of the twenty-two Navy Seals killed today by a Taliban rocket attack on one of our helicopters were part of the assassination hit team that killed Osama bin-Laden.
At this moment Al-Qaeda is dancing in the streets. An eye for an eye and a big black eye for President Obama, again.
What was the Administration thinking by first keeping this unit intact? What was the Administrations thinking, keeping these hero's on the battlefield? What were they thinking? Maybe they weren't!
Historically, heroes are taken off the battlefield to keep them out of harms way, why weren't they? Leaving them on the battlefield sets them up as targets in an old West kind of way. Everyone's gunning for you if your the top gunfighter in town.
There is no doubt that there is a hit on President Obama by Al-Qaeda for assassinating bin-Laden.
Excuse me if I propose the unthinkable. Could it be that our President sacrificed our Navy Seal Team for his own head? Could it be that by allowing Al-Qaeda/Taliban Forces to take out our Navy Seal Team, Obama is off the hook with Al-Qaeda now? Well, could it? Nothing would surprise me these days coming from this President.


eequinn said...

I was never a spec ops person. I am a veteran. My wife is in Afghanistan now. Soldiers, Airman, Seaman and Marines, want to do their job. Some of them would want to come home. The Tier one spec ops troops, wouldn't. Combat is what they do, it is what the train for. By no means am I sticking up for President Obama. He is an idiot, his ROE proves that. I just want people to understand the mindset of the professional solider. Thanks.

LadyRedMane said...

I wouldn't put ANYTHING past that sorry pile of protoplasm. He is easily replaced - those SEALs aren't. It takes 10 years to fully train a SEAL. Idiots like Owevomit are a dime a dozen!

Unknown said...

I wouldn't put ANYTHING past that sorry pile of protoplasm!!! It takes 10 years to fully train a SEAL whereas people like Owevomit are a dime a dozen and can be found on any street corner! This absolutely sickens me. Whether they were the guys who took out OBL or not, I don't care. They were the elite of our military.

steveNC21st said...

One thing is for sure, this tragedy will take the news of the downgrade off of the front page for at least the weekend. In that respect, it serves the President quite well.


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