Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Zombie Banks and a New World Order

By Nicholas Contompasis

"Zombie Banks" - so goes the USD, U.S. banks and America! Federal Reserve Head Ben Bernanke has known all along of EU's number games. As long as Europe keeps crumbling economically, the U.S. can keep printing money. As long as his money has no velocity, inflation will not hit the street.
But, until the real estate market starts moving up in value, America's banks are "Zombies," the walking dead and so is America's economy.
An " Economic New World Order" a la, one world currency is not the answer, and is not capitalism. It's socialism!!! For America to continue to prosper, to be the economic lead-dog its been for over a hundred years, it must stay independent from weaker currencies and economies in the world. Remember, for capitalism to work there must be economic inequality, in other words, someone less fortunate than you.

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