Saturday, April 9, 2011

What the Political Pundits Missed About Last Night’s Showdown

By Nicholas Contompasis 

“John Boehner and the Tea Party led Congress tweaked the Left by pushing cuts to NPR, Planned Parenthood, along with other Lefty favorites. As predicted they came out in droves to condemn these supposed draconian cuts with shouts of killing women, etc, etc.

But, what was missed in all this flurry was the brilliance of the Tea Party’s strategy to in the end have an agreement with the Left on the very cuts they so viciously condemned. Now, this agreement adds more fuel to the continual division that is slowly destroying the Left’s Progressive plan to socialize America.

The Presidents polls will not get a bump from this agreement, in fact they will drop further due to more on Left becoming disenfranchised from the leader they thought would bring them peace and harmony, Lefty style. Instead he has brought an additional war and a continuation of all of George Bush’s policies.”

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