Wednesday, April 27, 2011

President Trump Trumps the President In the Biggest Game of Texas Holdem Ever - Obama Learns He’s Not the Only One That Can Bluff – More Records About the President’s Past to be Released

By Nicholas Contompasis

Today’s release by President Obama of his birth certificate was a huge coupe for Donald Trump. This same pressure is now being put on the leader of the free world to obtain his college records, Selective Service information, how he paid for his expensive education, law license information and just about everything else the main stream media has failed or refused to investigate. It should also be noted that the main stream media has gone the extra mile to help hide and spin what information was out there.
In today’s press conference given by the President he looked irritated, embarrassed and humiliated. His humiliated look is not so much about his birth certificate but more about the fact that he’ll have to give up the rest of his past information which will finally put to bed the question, “WHO IS BARACK OBAMA?”

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Anonymous said...

Now that we've got that birther issue settled, can someone tell me if that rug on Trump's head is real?