Saturday, April 2, 2011

Governor Jerry Brown of California Plans to Destroy the Integrity of the Electoral Process

by Jane Jamison|

Here is an excellent summary about why we MUST fight Governor Jerry Brown’s proposal to have “mail-in” elections.   We have enough vote fraud the way the system is now.  Don’t allow more. 
The following letter and and all the information below is from the Election Integrity Project in California to Republican lawmakers in Sacramento.  Contact EIP  to get organized for 2012 in California.  Votes only count if we have honest elections.

Dear Honorable Leaders Dutton and Conway;
Several media sources recently reported on a plan submitted by Gov. Jerry Brown to require all voting in the upcoming June Special Election be vote by mail only. As an organization devoted to preserving the integrity of our voting process, we must express our concern that this plan is a move away from fair and honest elections. We strongly urge the state legislation to consider the ramifications of this decision, especially since it will set the stage for furthering this mandate to all future elections.
Based on the evidence, VBM only elections risk the security and integrity of the voting process, with only minimal reductions in cost.  There are numerous concerns about fraud in VBM ballots, such as:
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