Thursday, April 14, 2011

Muslim Women Admits Sending Bloody Pig Foot to Congressmen Peter King of New York

FOX News reported:
A Georgia woman reportedly has claimed responsibility for the severed pig’s foot that was sent to Rep. Peter King, apparently in protest over the hearing he held on radical Islam.
Jacquelyn Barnette, who described herself as Muslim, told the New York Post she sent King the package, which also contained an anti-Semitic note, this month.
The U.S. Postal Service intercepted the package before it ever reached King’s office.
“I thought the letters explain themselves,” Barnette told the Post.
Asked about her comments, King told Fox News she “seems to be a disturbed person.
Jameela is a radical Muslim blogger. She also sent she sent state Sen. Greg Ball a Curious George monkey with a label saying it was bound for Auschwitz. reported:
A Georgia grandmother who says she sent state Sen. Greg Ball a Curious George monkey with a label saying it was bound for Auschwitz, cheap perfume and an anger-filled, anti-Semitic letter also laid claim Wednesday to mailing a bloody pig’s foot to Rep. Peter King of Long Island.
Jameela Barnette, a radical Muslim blogger, said Wednesday she mailed Ball a box containing the plush monkey pinned with Stars of David and the letter (which addressed Ball as “Dead Man Walking”) because he is “using Muslims to further his career.”
“I sent it to let him know I am extremely displeased for his declaration of war on Muslims, which is what I regard those hearings as,” said Barnette, a medical records consultant…
…Barnette, who has posted anti-Jewish, pro-Muslim writings on blogs and websites, said Wednesday “no one gets upset if someone burns a Quran” but everyone is offended if Jews are disparaged.
“No one gets upset if someone burns a Koran?”
Is she serious?
Did she not hear about the 9 UN employees who were murdered and two who were beheaded?
The woman is insane.

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