Saturday, April 9, 2011

The President of 2012

"The kind of President America will need in 2012 will be a man or woman who will reverse the damage Obama has caused. This President will be expected to fire all federal employees that were hired during Obama's term in office, for they are the cancerous tumors that will render our government useless.
It will be necessary that this person sign all bills that a Republican controlled House and Senate pass.
We're not interested in a messiah or a super star in speech giving. We want a red blooded American who will defend the Constitution and the sovereignty of the United States.
Americans want a President in 2012 that will minimize the size of government and regulations. This President must abolish the Departments of Energy, Education and put a leash on the Internal Revenue Service.
America wants an uncomplicated simple person who believes in the basic values of good character and citizenship.
All Americans should be watching for these characteristics and campaign promises as the list of candidates grow.
This person can be any color, creed or gender, it makes no difference. America just wants a President that loves her, truly loves her." - N.P.Contompasis

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