Thursday, March 31, 2011

What Donald Trump Knows About Obama's Birth Certificate

By Nicholas Contompasis

I feel that Barrack Obama is not really Barrack Obama. He’s Barrack Davis the son of now deceased Frank Marshall Davis the well known “married at the time” communist poet. If you know anything about the President’s birth certificate problem, you will know that it’s still an issue but not for the reason everyone thinks.
To put it simply, I think it’s to protect the marriage and children of Frank Davis his biological father. This flurry over his birth certificate is just a misinterpretation as to why they are hiding the real certificate. It was a family secret that was intended to stay secret but unfortunately Mr. Obama’s life turned public, thus the problem. Also, it wouldn't look good if your father was a known and closely watched communist living in Hawaii.
Now, on to the President and his connection to the Super Bowl ad two years ago which had all of the pro-abortionists going crazy. A few years ago the President stated that he admired his mother for making the very same decision Tim Tebow’s mother did. So, Barrack’s mother was impregnated by a married man and she simply chose to have the baby who is now our President.
Barrack Obama once stated “I don’t want my daughters to be ‘victimized’ with a child and I am alive because my mother took the contrary view”, thus, the same decision as Tim’s mother.
Donald Trump is smart in pushing this birth certificate issue because it will show the truth about what Obama wants for America. His mentoring with Davis in his formative years twisted his feelings about the country he was raised in.


Anonymous said...

He's just throwing that out there for grins.

Anonymous said...

i agree with your theroy it makes perfect sense to me.frank davis lived right across the street from the hawaian college that barry obamas mother attended, it was well known that davis had a penchant for whote girls and offered room and board at his house gor house work.i find it highly unlikely that as a freshman barrys momma hooked up with the only black kid at the school.there are also many other contributing factors that seem to make the theroy plausible.