Sunday, March 27, 2011

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is Under House Arrest

"Sent by Twitter from Syria and translated from Arabic to English by me."

Submitted 26 March 2011 - 09:46 AM civilians in Syria by Admin Today at 8:16 am killed Farouq al-Shara and the development of Bashar al-Assad is under house arrest and a war of extermination against civilians in Syria ... Andenne - Arabs and Wikileaks - through a telephone conversation with the officer in the Division of Political Security. This source confirmed to us that Faruq al-Shara was assassinated at the hands of Maher al-Assad and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is under house arrest and de facto authority, however, Maher Assad, brother of Syrian President and the Commander of the Republican Guard. It is expected in the coming days (today or tomorrow) to be declared a military coup in Syria, especially after the defection of some of the military leaders and their refusal to participate in this war by targeting civilians. The source confirmed that they had received direct orders from high command to kill the demonstrators and a big focus on the Sunni community because they have this community what is happening now in Syria, the source added that the Republican Guard under the leadership of Maher al-Assad is preparing for the complete annihilation of the demonstrators in all the provinces were brought elements fighter from neighboring countries ( declined to give these countries), and this is a campaign of genocide under the name of maintaining security and considering that these demonstrators tool to stir up trouble !!!!! She said our sources from within Syria that have been killed more than 400 people at the hands of the Republican Guard and security forces in all Syrian governorates.


Prasad said...

Syria emergency law will not be put pressure on people. If Syria come to talk with their people with peacefully then it makes some better improvement these protests will be only stop when Syrian forces handle this problem with peacefully.

Anonymous said...

And where are you from?