Sunday, March 13, 2011

Obama – George Preston - Rest in Peace - 4:30 A.M. Sunday March 13th 2011

By Nicholas Contompasis

The act of hypocrisy by liberal congressmen draping themselves in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, the documents they consistently ignore, have done everything they could to derail Congressman Peter King’s hearing on a radical Muslim movement in America this week.
With that hearing as a backdrop, one of President Obama’s aids came back from the Headquarters for the Joint Chiefs with instructions for him to fire P. J. Crowley for insinuating that the military was mishandling Bradley Manning, who was being detained for releasing hundreds of thousands of military and State Department top secret messages. Not only was this directive provocative but it was fueled with an observation made by the aid of a new framed map of Egypt behind Admiral Mullen’s desk. Thus, reminding the President whose court he was playing on.
Meanwhile, on the sprawling lawns of Arlington National Cemetery at 2:30 A.M. Dave and Jimmy risked their reputations and high-level jobs to exhume the body of George Preston, the now deceased C.I.A. agent who seemed to still have answers for these two grave robbers.
They both felt awkward doing what would normally be done by subcontractors, but Dave got such push-back from his superiors to obtain a DNA verification of George’s remains, that he felt he’d better do it himself. The reaction of his superiors was very troubling to Dave since it was likened to touching the electrified third rail of a commuter track. Why would they deny such a mundane request, he thought, which led to a hundred more questions that Dave had no answers to.
Dave knew that the answers to his questions now literally lay beneath his feet in the hallowed grounds of this national cemetery that was being patrolled every three hours, so there was no time to waste.
Two shovels and two very in-shape men made a quick dig of it as they hit the casket after two hours. The two men looked at each other as they pried open the new military issued casket. Jimmy with his razor quickly slit what looked like a plastic body-bag and like a McDonald’s Happy Meal revealed its prize.
What lay within that bag answered everything that Dave could question. There was no need for doing DNA testing on a dummy. He now knew that George was still alive, operational and that the Joint Chiefs were operating an off-the-grid program to derail the global radical Muslim movement. Dave felt good that George, his old buddy, was still alive and still tearing up Eastern Africa. He knew that if anyone could connect the Administration to this movement it would be George as the 771st day of the Obama Presidency was rapidly digging its own grave.

"This is an excerpt from Now the Eagle  a novel by Nicholas Contompasis about the Obama Administration. This is fiction. It should not in any way be considered factual. We hope you enjoy this daily fictitious tongue-in-cheek novel of the Obama Presidency. The author has taken the liberty to use these fictitious, factual events and individuals to express his concerns and fears of this Administration."

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