Monday, March 7, 2011

Liberals Attack Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas – Huffington Post – How Low Can You Go – Pretty Low

By Nicholas Contompasis

The Internet rag run by European-socialist Arianna Huffington at the Huffington Post headlined a story about Justice Thomas today. It reads like this “Lillian McEwen(an old girlfriend of Thomas): Clarence Thomas Was Easily Aroused.” Her article is a cut and paste of several other articles from the Washington Post and  liberal black publications.
It seems that the far Left in our country are worried about a Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare, deeming it unconstitutional. Many from that side of the political spectrum are calling for Thomas to recuse himself because of his wife’s Tea Party involvement.
Now, they’ve gone as low as you can by attacking the Justice on his sexual habits and desires. It’s about as sick as you can go when you attack a man by using his girlfriend from decades ago to impugn his character.
It’s obvious the Left will stop at nothing to destroy our third branch of government, the Supreme Court. Let’s hope that the American public sees through this smear and sends the Left into a penalty box for eternity.
A side note: Huffington’s rag was bought by AOL-Time-Warner last month and AOL has appointed Huffington to run their news department. Just a warning to all of you AOL users, maybe its time to move on and cancel your account, you’re about to be indoctrinated by the far Left.

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