Friday, March 25, 2011

Reverse Terrorism

"From afar, for the most part, the people across the Middle East are offering themselves to the sharpshooters of their masters. They are sacrificing their young hopeless lives for the mere chance, now with the aid of Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, that the world will finally see the tortuous inhuman environment they've lived with for decades. Can you imagine how desperate one must be to go out into the streets unarmed against modern mechanized armies? This form of reverse terrorism goes far beyond passive resistance. It illustrates in its purist form man's desire to be free.
With that said, unfortunately we must remember this is the Middle East where nothing is what it appears to be." - N.P. Contompasis


jeremiah said...

Terrorism is terrorism no matter who is doing it.

jeremiah said...

I do agree and understand what you are saying, but we have to get all of the facts before we can simply barge in, kicking down doors and ousting leaders.