Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Block Al-Jazeera From Being Allowed in Your Living-room

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We at Accuracy In Media have recently renewed efforts to persuade companies such as Comcast from adding Al-Jazeera English to their cable TV lineup. As if long standing links to international terrorist organizations were not enough, Al-Jazeera has consistently shown its true colors with recent coverage of events across the Middle East.
We watched as the network openly promoted the Islamic Army in Iraq. We shared outrage over the channel’s attempts to cover up the violent abuse suffered by CBS reporter, Lara Logan. We documented how American tax dollars continue to be funneled into programming that has alarming potential for domestic terror threats. On Sunday, we uncovered Al-Jazeera’s shameful reluctance to cover the ongoing detainment and possible torture of Sultan al-Khalaifi, a brave blogger who speaks out against human rights violations in Qatar.
It is time for action.
We do not seek to censor Al-Jazeera English. That is not within our ability, nor do we desire to do so. Rather, we urge the good people at Comcast, and other cable and satellite companies that are considering the addition of this network to their lineup, to exercise good judgment as patriotic Americans, and not help to provide Al-Jazeera English the audience and the exposure that they seek. America is at war with radical Islam.  Providing radical Islam with the means to propagandize in this country is damaging to American interests and our national security.
Join Accuracy in Media’s cause by signing our petition to Block Al-Jazeera English in U.S. Markets. Help us to keep them from spreading their propaganda throughout America.

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