Friday, March 4, 2011

Alan Gross - Further Proof That the Obama Administration is Spreading Anarchy, Not Democracy Around the Globe

By Nicholas Contompasis

You only have to look less than a hundred miles off the shores of Key West to understand what’s happening in the Middle East. Alan Gross an American citizen was arrested in Cuba over a year ago for bringing into the country communications equipment that would allow dissident groups in Cuba to coordinate and communicate actions against the Cuban communist government. Of course, Mr. Gross denies this, but as events unfold around the world, it seems Mr. Gross’s defense is folding like a house of cards. He now faces twenty years in a Cuban jail, if Hillary Clinton fails at getting him released.
Does this sound familiar? Well, it should if you’ve been reading the headlines coming in from around the world. Global uprising are sprouting up everywhere, even China and with no precursor as a warning to the governments that are being victimized by this new U.S. State Department policy to destabilize. More than ample proof has been revealed on YouTube and in major newspapers that the U.S. is funding U.S. labor unions and 501-c-3 non-profit organization to go into these countries and stir up the pot.

What happened in Cuba was a plan that went bad, and now Clinton and Obama are caught red-handed. The timing was perfect if you understood the plan. The arrest of Mr. Gross in Cuba over a year ago should have sent warnings to every government in the world that Obama was out to destabilize you. If the leaders of Egypt, Libya and the rest of the Middle East had noticed, this arrest was the first rumbling of a major earthquake that would eventually rattle every government around the world. Even if your government wasn’t targeted, your connection to the targeted countries, whether by treaty or commerce is now in jeopardy.

One has to ask, why is President Obama doing this, to both friend and foe? The destabilization of Cuba is a noble task, but destabilizing the Middle East where a majority of the worlds energy comes from is downright sinister and would lead one to think there’s a bigger agenda at hand.

Whatever the plan is, in the Presidents little head, he sure isn’t talking about it and neither is his accomplice Hillary Clinton. The term community organizer comes to mind again, and one would wonder, did they mean “global” community organizer or “global” community disruptor?

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