Sunday, January 2, 2011

An Open Letter to Governor Elect Rick Scott of Florida from Tom Trento



“Governor, they duped you sir…the Muslim Brotherhood, that is.”

As a conservative Republican, you have my support as you undertake the extremely difficult job of getting Florida back to work.
As a leader on national and state terrorism issues, you may be losing my support as a result of your decision to have Imam Enrique Rasheed participate in your solemn inauguration on January 4, 2011.
My guess is that your advisors will begin some immediate “damage control” and brand myself and others who hold you accountable for this decision as Islamophobes.
Rest assured, there are good Muslims in Florida that want nothing to do with the Muslim Brotherhood, and we stand with them.
Here is the problem in a nutshell. The Muslim Brotherhood has initiated an “influence operation,” on you and round one, goes to them.
Now, if you have to ask, “What is the Muslim Brotherhood? My point is made.
Yes, Governor, the Muslim Brotherhood is a real organization, with a seditious and treasonous agenda, operating throughout the State of Florida.
Without question, through their behind the scenes capabilities, you “discovered,” Imam Rasheed and were convinced he is the perfect holy man to help unite all faiths in Florida and make the world a better place.
Did anyone on your staff tell you that Imam Rasheed was one of the keynote speakers at a Florida Conference of Muslim Americans where the theme was “Planning, Designing and Implementing Quranic Standards for Living in Model Communities?”
Is anyone on your staff aware of what "Quranic Standards" means to authoritative shariah Islam and its relationship to the US Constitution?
Imam Rasheed also did a highly regarded presentation on, “Appreciating & Understanding the Language and Leadership of Imam W.D. Mohammed?”
Governor, if you have to ask, “Who is Imam W.D. Mohammed? Well sir, the Brotherhood duped you again.
My guess is that many in the state of Florida will not be applauding your selection of an Imam who “appreciates the leadership” of an Imam who went on record saying,
“I will never denounce him (Louis Farrakhan) as long as he says he wants to be a Muslim.”


Has anyone asked Imam Rasheed if he repudiates the implementation of Islamic shariah law in the United States of America?
Has anyone asked Imam Rasheed if he agrees with Section 219 of the American Immigration and Nationality Act that authorizes the Secretary of State to designate HAMAS as a Foreign Terrorist Organization?
Will Imam Rasheed unequivocally condemn HAMAS?
Has anyone asked Imam Rasheed if he rejects the Islamic teaching that requires punishment, to the point of death, for those who convert from Islam to another religion?
My purpose in this short letter is not to extensively analyze the actual beliefs of Imam Rasheed or to brief you on the Muslim Brotherhood and related Islamic shariah concerns, but simply to draw your attention to this national security issue and provide a positive suggestion moving forward.
Sir, I will be the first to admit we all make mistakes. The problem is that some mistakes, left to their own, metastasize into significant security problems related to Islamic terrorism.


1. Please withdraw Imam Enrique Rasheed from participation in your Inauguration until he is fully vetted by recognized experts on the Muslim Brotherhood, counter-terrorism and related Islamic concerns.
2. May I respectfully suggest that you schedule a national security briefing, with counter-terrorism experts, on the Muslim Brotherhood and its operations in the State of Florida?
If you are interested, I will help facilitate this briefing.


Recently nineteen national security experts produced a significant Report detailing and substantiating the existence, operation and objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.
Members of TEAM B 2 regularly brief elected officials, federal, state and local law enforcement officers and many of the USG three-letter intelligence agencies…so the issue of competency or qualifications…is really not an issue.
If you are interested in finding out about one of the most serious security threats to Florida, please review the material below and make the decision that you believe is best for our great State.


Tom Trento

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