Saturday, December 4, 2010

WikiLeaks – Obama and the Anti-American Gay Left

By Nicholas Contompasis

"Pfc. Manning is gay and there is some speculation the military's policy banning openly serving gays served as his motivation for leaking classified documents” – per Fox News November 29, 2010 -

Pfc. Bradley Manning is the gay man who downloaded hundreds of thousands of communiqués off military computers and handed them over to Julian Assange who represents WikiLeaks, the Internet site that hosts this stolen information for the world to see. At this point Pfc. Manning is under arrest and awaiting military trial in the D.C. area.

The obvious reaction of the government’s hesitation to abolishing “don’t ask, don’t tell,” needs no explanation since, if one angry gay soldier can do this much damage, what would thousands do? To go further, what other gay soldier is waiting in the tall grass to reveal additional military and diplomatic secrets that they’ve stolen? Time will tell.

In the article I published last Sunday before the release of the WikiLeaks State Department dump titled “Why Hasn’t Our Government Stopped WikiLeaks? Does Obama Hate America That Much?” I correctly predicted that Hillary Clinton would be the target and it would be the end of her political career. Subsequently, my prediction was proven correct since Secretary of State Hillary Clinton abruptly announced yesterday that she will no longer hold public office after her State Department job with the Obama Administration. Thus, Obama’s well timed leaks have destroyed his one viable opponent for a second term.

What is troubling with this development is that my theory that I laid out in my article connecting President Obama to WikiLeaks is proving correct. Furthermore, in recent days Fox News and other news agencies have quietly revealed that the one man at the center of these leaks is a far left gay activist seeking to destroy his country in a bitchy tantrum, because he isn’t getting his way.

This new development solidifies my belief that there is a connection between Pfc. Manning, WikiLeaks and White House operatives from the far left who are hellbent along with the President to destroy this country's standing in the world.

For all of you out there who are confused by this new, and I repeat new, phenomena called WikiLeaks, let me simplify it for you. Look at the use of WikiLeaks as the Left’s outlet of its rage over the successes of the Tea Party. Like little children who now know they have gone as far as they will ever go, they are now attempting, with the help of our President, to blow up our system through divulging the secrets that hold our country together. Yes, I hear you, you could be right, someone does need a spanking.


Anonymous said...

For sure WikiLeaks has high positioned sources. For the sake of transparency, it is a pity that WikiLeaks was not around during the "Bush era":some golf-war II "info-mysteries" would have been vented too.
If WikiLeaks works as a watchdog, that it will aid /force politicians to be more accountable.

Blaming the left is a lame theory of conspiracy, and get real:
Information nowadays flows easily: politicians should not forget they are civil-servants elected by the people and paid by the people! Politicians:watch-out where you step!

Nicholas Contompasis said...

Time will tell who's right about my theory.

Nicholas Contompasis said...

I don't have to blame the Left - it's a fact Now - maybe your not reading the News these days. I even supplied a link for you to see. " I can lead you to water, but I can't make you drink. "