Friday, December 10, 2010

Who is Minimizing Christianity in a Predominately Christian America and Why?

By Nicholas Contompasis

How did you feel when our President announced to the world that “America is not a Christian nation?” How did you feel watching our very own President renouncing and minimizing your religion? How did you feel seeing your President acting like a whore on the world stage by hiking his skirt up and inviting the world in for a roll in the sack for their vote? How did the American identity get away from us so fast and so easily? Well, I think I have some answers for you, which may shock you.

Much of our self-conception is derived from the feedback we receive on a daily basis from the people around us, similar to looking into a mirror. I know you’ve heard this analogy before and it makes perfect sense in describing a nation’s perception of itself, also. The mirror we all as a nation constantly look into is our vast monolithic media that stretches around the globe informing and misinforming peoples and nations. We found this out this past week from the Middle East, where they see Western media as a direct threat to their customs and traditions. This threat undermines social mores and nationalistic feelings by the peoples that living within the borders of each nation.

Now, that’s the broad perspective of what this article is about. Let’s home in on America and Christianity specifically. Why is it that Christianity, which is followed by an overwhelming majority in America, is always under attack? There are statically seven Christian voices for every one shouting down the religion. So, why then is the one voice always heard over the rest? The reason may shock you and may even anger you, but after years of observing our media in America I see a pattern of minimizing Christianity. This minimizing seems to be in all areas of mass media from movies to the printed word and now the internet.

You should look at mass media as a water spigot that allows what you see and hear to flow into your home and mind. Who controls that spigot has the ultimate control over what you’re thinking and how you decide things that affect your life and your country. Now, this control has been used for years by tyrannical governments, and is still used by governments today. Some say that our very own government is attempting to control that spigot which has brought out many to protest such an action.

Unfortunately, many of our youth only see what has happened in our media over the past ten or twenty years, not long enough to make a judgment call on change. But, we older and wiser folk see the change and possibly the motive.

One should ask who then controls our media water spigot and why do they? Is it one person, or are there many? Why is Christianity being attacked and not say, Judaism or Hinduism? These are many questions that I’m sure you’ve asked yourselves but probably got distracted by babies crying or bill paying. Yet, the questions are still there and seem bigger and bigger every day as the majority of our media seems to be influencing us politically to the left away from our core values. Those core values are based in our religion, Christianity, and are now under a full frontal attack from our very own government and President.

It should be noted that the government and President's motives in controlling the media are different from those that actually control the water spigot. For the President seeks power and his control over you, the seemingly dumb mindless media junkies of our country. The people that actually controls our media does it for self preservation, after being nearly exterminated for simply being who they are. This group of people is not atheist, Christian, Muslim nor Buddhist. With this vast control they practice their own form of Net Neutrality and Fairness Doctrine all in one and have been doing it for years, if you haven’t noticed. Even though a minority of less then two percent they equalize their existence of a group seven times greater.

So, the next time you read, view or hear an anti-Christian symbol, comment, gesture or even the absence of a positive Christian symbol or comment you’ll now have a good idea who is controlling the spigot. This is the minimizing of Christianity in a predominately Christian America by a very small minority who can be seen and read daily on everything from a TV, to a laptop computer, cell phone and iPad.

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