Monday, December 6, 2010

See If Your Job is on Obama's Job Kill List


Borrowed from the New York Post - Thank you
For all his talk of job creation, President Obama has targeted many occupations for extinction. Using un elected bureaucrats to implement a host of job-killing measures, his administration is generating piles of pink slips:
Oil: Even before the BP spill, Obama's Interior Department had cracked down on domestic drilling. In 2009, regulators allowed less than $1 billion in new oil and natural gas leases on federally controlled areas -- both onshore and offshore -- compared to $10 billion under President George W. Bush the year before.
Then, in response to the Gulf spill in April, Obama slowed down things even further, with a moratorium on deep-water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. That proved so unpopular that the administration officially ended it -- but it remains in force unofficially, as regulators bottle up drilling permits with red tape and delays, keeping workers idle. Most recently, Obama regulators placed the entire Atlantic and Pacific coasts off limits to drilling.
Furious flotilla: Fisherman lined up their boats off Martha's Vineyard last summer to protest job-killing regulations.
Factories: Rising regulatory burdens, energy prices and health-care costs -- Obama has left no stone unturned in making American manufacturing globally less competitive and in forcing jobs overseas.
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