Sunday, December 5, 2010

If You Don’t Think We’re In Trouble Take a Look at This Chart

This chart says that it will take another 60 months for our unemployment rate to recover. That's five years from now - 2016. Can you wait that long? Will you and your family last that long?

By Nicholas Contompasis

This chart is a historic tracker that shows how many months it took our unemployment to recover from a recession. There are several recessions listed and represented by different colors as a line graph. The one long big black line is our current recession-depression. The bottom of the graph is months. The longer the unemplyment line reaching to the top line the more months it took our economy to recover. As you can see the black line is much deeper than the rest and is taking much longer to recover. One could say that the black line is not moving up at all and that this unemployment level could continue for many years to come. Any president that doesn’t address our economy and its unemployment rate is a fool and a buffoon who will not last long in office.

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