Sunday, December 19, 2010

WikiLeaks - Let's Not Forget

By Nicholas Contompasis

WikilLeaks 2010 is the expression of rage by President Obama over the rejection of his leftist policies and the inevitable expelling of the leftist government that has controlled our congress for the past four years.

Remember WikiLeaks started leaking damaging information in April of 2010, after President Obama realized he would lose his leftist supported congress. By using a well placed homosexual member of our military Pvt. Manning, who has a grudge against our country for denying “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” illegally released top level communiqué’s to WikiLeaks.

Politically attuned WikiLeaks held this information for maximum impact after realizing the left had lost the congress and the American people. In fact the American people had been in the dark over this insidious attempt to undermine American dominance around the world.

Every American should be outraged that a sitting President is allowing and apart of this destruction of national security and relations with our allies around the world.

I have included a pro-WikiLeaks video from Youtube that glorifies the illegal and treasonous action of WikiLeaks.

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