Friday, December 24, 2010

The Great American Death Wish - START Treaty

By Nicholas Contompasis

According to available data on standing armies in the world I came across some interesting facts on Wikipedia that originated from reliable sources. What I found just could shatter some conceptions you may have on just how safe you really are in this cruel and hostile world. All numbers that I’ve included are rounded and are a total of ready military and reserves.

Did you know that England has a standing army of 375,000 (2,000,000 Muslims live in England) and Vietnam has 5,500,000? The United States has a standing army of 2,500,000.

In Asia North Korea has 9,500,000 and South Korea has 8,700,000. Japan has 280,000. Red China has 3,500,000.

To our South, Brazil has 1,700,000 and Venezuela has 123,000 with a standing army of 500,000 in Columbia. Cuba has 1,200,000 and Mexico has 350,000.

In the Middle East Iran has 2,800,000 and Iraq has 570,000 with Israel having 750,000. Syria has 750,000 and Lebanon has 312,000. Saudi Arabia and the United Emirates combined have 300,000. Pakistan has 1,400,000 and India has 4,800,000. Again Red China has 3,500,000 and Taiwan has 2,000,000.

Per Wikipedia, give or take a few hundred thousand troops, the worlds standing armies plus reserves totals 57,000,000 of which U.S. troops represent less than one half of one percent (2,500,000). With the new agreed upon START Treaty we will have to reduce our nuclear capacity to a level that would only protect our country, and not our allies. With the ramp up of our enemy's arsenals to nuclear capacity, it leaves our allies that once looked to us for protection as new targets for the tyrants of the world.

Russia our new START Treaty partner again has 21,500,000 troops. Again the United States has 2,500,000 troops and according to START only a fraction of our once superior nuclear arsenal. Nice move United States and what about those other guys? Does our country have a death wish or have we forgotten what its like to be dominated by another? Maybe that's the plan, to be dominated by another like China or a coalition of countries that could overpower us at any given moment? Whatever the plan is, I pray our leaders know what they're doing. But, as we've found out recently they don't know what the hell they're doing, do they?

Feel safer now?????????

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