Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Could This Be the End? – No Start Treaty and Little Known Facts

By Nicholas Contompasis

Let’s see if I have this right. What has this world come too?

Russia is arming Venezuela. The United States is arming Saudi Arabia. North Korea is arming Iran. Iran is arming Syria. Russia still arms Cuba. Russia is arming South Ossetia. Russia is arming Georgian separatists in Georgia. Venezuela is arming rebels in Columbia. Russia is arming Armenia. Iran is arming Venezuela. Iran is arming the Palestinians. Russia is arming Iran. China is arming Sudan. Russia is arming Sudan. Russia is arming Syria. The United States is arming Georgia. Israel is arming Georgia. The United States still arms Israel. Macedonia is arming Georgia. Nicaragua is arming Honduran rebels. China is arming Iran. China is arming the Taliban. Iran is arming Iraqi insurgents. China is arming rebels in India. China is arming North Korea. The United States is arming South Korea. The United States is arming Taiwan. Ecuador is arming rebels in Columbia. Israel is arming Darfur rebels. Israel is arming Georgia. North Korea is arming Myanmar (Burma). Russia is arming North Korea. The United States is arming Pakistan. India is arming Myanmar. France is arming Lebanon. France is arming Russia. France is arming Greece. Germany is arming Greece. The United States is arming Japan. I could list more, but I think you got the idea.

So, on and on it goes, as this world slowly becomes armed to the teeth and more countries become hostile towards each other. Whether because of religion, economics or political ideology this world is streaking headlong towards another global conflict. If something doesn’t change soon we could see another world war the likes of WW I and WW II times a hundred.

With the absence of global leadership in Washington it seems the crazies of the world are now flexing their tyrannical and dictatorial muscles while the world’s policeman is out munching on donuts and coffee. With this absence comes the enslavement of millions of more people and their rights. With this absence comes more pain and suffering for the majority in the world and the minimization of democracy.

If the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the people willing to use them continue to grow in strength we could see the mere 80,000,000 people that died in World War II swell to possibly 1,000,000,000 casualties in the next global conflict. No Start Treaty will stop this madness as more die daily and more anger is created by those deaths.

For America to disarm now would be sheer insanity in a world of growing threats. Since the leadership coming out of Washington has now left us almost alone in the world we should be preparing for the hordes that soon will be crashing our borders and shores.

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