Friday, September 17, 2010

What the Delaware Primary Said About America

As the party elites from both ends of the political spectrum regroup and collectively scratch their heads wondering how to reestablish control of the American people, the country continues to rebel against them.

This rebellion is now crossing political lines and destroying old time alliances that at one time ruled the entire political agenda in Washington. That’s the same agenda that has now spent the country into bankruptcy and ensured a political monarchy that could rule us forever, that is, until a decentralized grass roots movement emerged called the Tea Party.

For the first time in decades the electorate is saying to its handler elites, “you don’t know what the hell you’re doing and we’re going to stop you and stop you now!”

The election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts, the birthplace of the first American act of rebellion against the oppressive King George of England, sent the first warning shot across the bow of both parties, that the people were no longer playing Mr. Nice Guy and weren’t taking prisoners. The election of Chris Christie as governor of New Jersey further solidified where the people were coming from and continues to grow.

But, with a primary win in the little, but mighty, Diamond State of Delaware by Christine O’Donnell, against an established Republican in name only, Mike Castle, did the movement unfurl its true colors in battle. Again, we have history repeating itself as it did on a wet and windy night on August 2nd 1777. A lone rider by the name of Caesar Rodney, representing Delaware, made his way by horseback to Philadelphia to sign the Declaration of Independence. All who signed knew their act was a death sentence, but the courage that was shown on that liberating day seems to still be alive in this tiny state. Delaware’s courage to stand up against the oppressor, to strike down the robbers of our liberties and to reestablish the principles that are assured us by our Constitution, has now established who the enemies of the State really are.

In that almost overlooked primary in Delaware there was a teachable moment for both parties. The people said as loud as they could, “You’re not going to control us anymore. We’re going to control you."

Call it anger, call it a revolution, call it whatever you want, but for the first time in a very long time “We the People” in a peaceful democratic way are redefining our government and God help anyone who gets in our way.

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