Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Was Obama’s Mention of Himself as a Dog an SOS to Islam?

Having a dog as a pet is prohibited in Islam. In fact, if a Muslim keeps a dog as a pet God will take away some heavenly reward for his good deeds.

This is the position of the lowly dog in the world of Islam. When President Obama referred to himself as a dog on Labor Day, everyone in the crowd laughed and blew it off as just another attack by his political foes. But was it?

With the Presidents polls now sinking to unrecoverable levels and supporters throughout his party abandoning him like a rabid dog, he may have only one place left to look for support, his shadowy backers in the Middle East. The one’s who sent millions via wire transfers in odd numbered amounts during his campaign for President, his supporters who got him through Columbia and who helped him into Harvard and beyond. These are the forces left who thought their Manchurian candidate would have had a longer run to poison a sterile American society.

The mentioning of a dog was code for, help me now, I’m sinking fast and I need your help in the name of Allah.

If this scares you, it should, because the comment the President made was way out of line and telling of a man in trouble.

If this was an SOS signal, what type of help could they provide? Could there be an attack? Maybe there could be an order for assassinations? Whatever help he needs it won’t be good for America, you can bet on it.

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Anonymous said...

If you believe any of that crap then your doctor really needs to adjust your medication. You're a pathetic fear-monger with delusions of grandeur.