Friday, September 24, 2010

Obama – The Trilingual President - 12:22 P.M. Thursday September 23rd 2010

Jimmy accompanied the President to New York City while keeping in close contact with Dave back at C.I.A. headquarters. According to Jimmy, the President seemed detached and wasn’t moving with his normal swagger. It was obvious to him that the President was truly affected by something, but what it was he didn’t know. Jimmy was still having trouble digesting his new duties as spy for the C.I.A. on the leader of the free world. Technically, he was violating about a hundred regs, but since the Secretary of Defense authorized his eavesdropping operation on the President he felt just a little bit better about it. One would have to understand that the men and woman who protect the President are trained to take a bullet for him or her and to ignore anything that they heard or saw while on duty. There would be no tell-all books for these troopers at the end of their tours, just silence forever, until now.

Jimmy had himself relieved midday just after the President addressed the United Nations General Assembly. Shortly afterwards the President attended a very private meeting on the twentieth floor. Jimmy went outside onto the main plaza of the United Nations Building and grabbed his phone. What he'd experienced in a small office in the Swiss wing rattled his brain. He felt so dirty and his hands trembled while calling Dave. Dave picked up and proceeded to listen to Jimmy describe how the President entered a room with two leaders of Hamas, two from Hezbollah and the President of Iran. He almost shit his pants as he went on about how the President switched from speaking English to Farsi and Arabic. Jimmy had never heard the President speak any language other than English and for him to switch between these two languages like a native scared the hell out of him. After witnessing that, Jimmy was convinced his spying on the President was important and a matter of national security.

Unfortunately, Jimmy knew neither Farsi nor Arabic so what was discussed was unknown, but Jimmy being the up and coming C.I.A. field agent he was, recorded the entire conversation on his cell phone just inside the hankie pocket of his jacket.

Dave knew that the audio file was too hot to be sent over the Internet from Jimmy’s phone, so he’d have to wait until he returned on Friday night with the President.

The President was now enjoying dinner with other leaders from the Middle East while Jimmy guarded his cell phone like Fort Knox as the 601st day of the Obama Presidency had another scoop of hummus and bread.

Special Note:

This has been taken from Now the Eagle a fictitious story based on factual and fictitious events and individuals. It should not be considered factual in any way. We hope you enjoy this daily fictitious tongue-in-cheek story of the Obama Presidency.

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