Sunday, March 21, 2010

This is War !

Now that the Health Care Bill has passed the House of Representatives and will later this week be approved by the Senate, the country has now sealed its own demise. The taxes that will be heaped upon every man, women and child will be massive and will kill any attempt for an economic recovery. This Presidents agenda will systematically destroy the greatest medical industry in the world and will cause most elderly to go without proper medical care. Thank You Mr. President.
If “this is what change looks like” you can have it.
There is still a glimmer of hope for our country and it’s with the state’s legal pursuit to declare it unconstitutional and the elections of 2010 and 2012. All of these can work to stop this bill but it will take momentum and your efforts.
But, what democrats don’t understand about what has happened is that this has sealed their fate in the elections of 2010 and 2012. The Republicans will have a huge fact working in their favor prior to both elections. They will be able to say by repealing this bill you will cut taxes on all Americans and cut the deficit. By that time most people will have been taxed to death for three years by the added taxes in this bill.
You cannot hire 20,000 new IRS auditors and not cause trouble with the people. You cannot tack on a 3.95% tax on all rental income (meaning that everyone’s rent will go up). There is now talk of a national sales tax which every expert will tell you hurts the poor far more than the rich. The bill also increases the tax on dividends by 300% meaning that people that have money will sell their stocks in major corporations to avoid the added taxes on dividends. This kills capital formation and kills jobs.
I could go on all night but we all will start feeling the impact of this bill Monday morning when the stock market crashes. The reduction of our AAA bond rating is right around the corning meaning we will pay more for interest on our ballooning debt leaving less to help the people of our country.
If you remember one thing from this article please remember this. As you can see, this bill will be overturned because it will hurt more people than it helps. This war will rage on till it’s finally repealed in 2013 with a conservative congress/President and then finally this country will be set back on a more responsible path of fiscal integrity and moral character.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope you are right on getting this repealed because I moved to "The Land Of The Free" for liberty and Obamacare will take my freedom away!

Anonymous said...

Wall Street climbed higher on Monday as health-care shares rallied on the approval of a sweeping reform bill. The Dow Jones Industrial Average added 43.91 points to finish the session at 10,785.89. Dow pharmaceutical stocks Merck (MRK: Charts, News, Offers) and Pfizer (PFE: Charts, News, Offers) both rallied around 2%. Advancing stocks topped those declining by a roughly 3 to 2 ratio on the New York Stock Exchange, with composite volume topping 2.3 billion in afternoon trades. Stocks fell in the first minutes of the session on renewed questions about Greece's ability to repay its debt. Investors were able to shake off those concerns as they snapped up health-care stocks. Energy shares led sector declines as oil prices made small advances. U.S. light crude oil for April delivery rose 47 cents to $81.15 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Treasury prices rose, lowering the yield on the 10-year note to 3.66% from 3.69%.

Anonymous said...

The Stock Market had already taken Obamacare into account before it passed. However, dont focus on that 1 side point to Nick's over all comments concerning Obamacare. It is a very bad law due to all the back room bribes and the ponzi accounting scheming of double counting of money. Also, it will do much more harm than good to our weak economy! There was a much cheaper, better and smart way to solve the few problems that our health system needs at this time. The Democrats will implode soon!