Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nick Nation Conservative Talk Radio - My Take on the Eric Massa and Glenn Beck Interview

Nick Nation Conservative Talk Radio


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Taken from Article written by: Jane Jamison/American Thinker

"Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, has received through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) a CIA "Top Secret" memorandum which may be one of the first pieces of evidence to show that Speaker Pelosi indeed was briefed about the tough interrogations of terrorists in U.S. detention. More memos are being sought which may show how many meetings she attended and what she asked, said, and did.
Once the full truth is known from the CIA memos, Pelosi will be caught in a web of her own making. Then what? It's unlikely that the House Speaker will apologize or retract her accusation. The time and effort spent by watchdogs like Judicial Watch to bring out the truth years after Pelosi's CIA slander (or careless words) may not reap any immediate penalty to her, but maybe it will affect her reelection in November."

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Taken from Article written by: Joshua Rhett Miller/Fox

A cell phone application that will help illegal immigrants find water and key landmarks as they cross into the United States is an inappropriate use of taxpayer funds and an irresponsible use of technology, critics say.

Joe Kasper, Hunter’s spokesman, accused the universities of “functioning as a platform” for a system that could potentially help human smugglers and illegal immigrants enter the United States.

“It’s amazing to think that university professors, whose salaries are funded by taxpayers, are actually designing a GPS application intended to facilitate illegal entry across the U.S.-Mexico border,” Kasper said in a statement to FoxNews.com. “In this case, the university is functioning as a platform for a system that would ultimately help smugglers, other criminals and illegal immigrants navigate the border.”

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Patrick Kennedy? WTF!!

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