Saturday, March 20, 2010

Obama Turned Double Agent While in the CIA?

At this year’s National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama mispronounced the word "Corpsman" as "corpse-man” several times, why? This has been driving me nuts. Why would a constitutional law professor make such an obvious and continual mistake in a speech? I have mentioned many times on my radio show recently my suspicions for this mistake. My belief is that he was educated overseas and that English was not his first language. You usually see this from people who have been raised overseas and come to the US later in life. It’s those little nuances that are telling of their foreign upbringing. But that’s not what Obama said in his books and interviews, right?
Well, the fiery Harlem Reverend James David Manning has released a more interesting video on YouTube that has caught my attention and has answered many of my questions about Obama's Columbia years and his unusual anti-American foreign policy.
Manning states that Obama worked for the CIA in the 80’s while being educated in Pakistan (Columbia University exchange courses) supporting the Taliban in their fight against Russia. He apparently became a sympathizer of the Taliban and developed a hatred for US foreign policy. This could explain why Obama took so long to support General McChrystal’s troop surge last year. He in essence was sending troops to fight against his fellow fighters. There is no doubt that our Generals have great influence even over this President otherwise Obama would have pulled our troops out the day he took office.
I also felt that over the past two years I have never seen people coming out of the woodwork telling college stories about the President. Even Fox News couldn’t find anyone who knew him in college. That was odd to me and still is. Maybe Obama wasn’t in New York getting his undergraduate degree. Perhaps he was in Pakistan playing double agent.
You see nobody expected this wiry half-black half-white community organizer with a very shady background to win the Iowa Primary.


Anonymous said...

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nananb55 said...

perhaps this is why BHO was not vetted as he should have been. I still believe that he was not legally a citizen of this country. First and foremost because of the what was done to Mccain during the campaign - how his right to serve was challenged, yet BHO has not then nor will he ever unless somehow forced too, will he come clean about his past. He should NEVER have been allowed to run for the Presidency but I know why they picked him, because that was how they could get the biggest historically non-voting segment of our population to get off the ass and vote.