Monday, March 8, 2010

Nick Nation Conservative Talk Radio 3/8/10

Nick Nation Conservative Talk Radio
THE DEMOCRAT DAM NOW HAS A CRACK IN IT AND IT'S GETTING BIGGER. The Great Democrat Civil War of 2010 – Rep. Eric Massa’s war with the Democrat Party. No shower curtains in the congressional gym, why? Obama purges’ the Democrat party of nonbelievers. Rohm Emmanuel is out of control. Is he the new J. Edgar Hoover?


Anonymous said...

Moyer and Penn spew rhetoric thats sorta like whale excrement. It dissipates into a large cloud; has very little substance and no depth.

Anonymous said...

Tuned into Beck this afternoon with Former Congressman Massa. I could see Beck getting a little frustrated, maybe a lot frustrated, in an attempt to pry something that we don't already know from the man. Personally, the show was a bomb! I was very dissapointed, as was Beck.

Anonymous said...

oops....meant to type disappointed