Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hey Kid, Obama Ain’t Who You Think He Is !

To all of the young idiots out there that were born after 1985 who think they missed all of the action of the ‘60s, think again! If you think by voting and supporting President Barrack Obama you will be channeled back to the psychedelic age of “free love” and “do your own thing”, think again! If you think that the ‘60s were a big bowl of cherries, think again!
Barrack Obama is not a child of the ‘60s nor is he a normal American, so any connection between him and the movements of the ‘60s are nonexistent. Barrack Obama is a textbook socialist with one thing missing that makes a successful revolutionary, death! For any revolution to succeed the leader must have the fire of loss, sorrow and anger. The intensity of any revolution comes from the depth of despair of its leaders. Obama has none of these. He is an elitist who has led a privileged life of higher education and breaks as far as the eye can see.
Many of the complaints of this administration came from the ‘60s. Complaints that if analyzed would reveal immaturity and simple tantrums.
If all of you kiddies out there took a trip back to the ‘60s the first thing you would be confronted with would be that you're now 1-A and ready to be drafted into the army for a two year tour in the rice paddies of South Vietnam. Bye bye, it was nice knowing you, sucker. But if you were smart and had had the money to get your ass into college you would have a deferment only lasting as long as you went to college. If you flunked out it was bye bye to you .
The economy sucked and everybody was pissed at each other. Fathers were mad at sons and vice versa. Blacks hated whites. The young didn’t trust the old. Elected and racial leaders were being assassinated like ducks in a barrel. Gas was 40 cents a gallon but you only made $2 an hr, get it. Women started their march of independence from men. The music was great if you had the money to buy an album. Gays like women found their political power with “we’re here, we’re queer and we’re not shopping”. SDS radicals stormed college administration buildings and closed down Washington DC in their attempts to overthrow the government.
Now remember, this was before cell phones, computers and the Internet so communication with people was mostly through personal contact, a land line phone and newspapers with stories days old. Oh and I almost forgot the most important thing, the Russians, with their multi megaton nuclear bombs just 30 minutes off the US coast. Death was always just 1,800 seconds away for the people of the ‘60s.
Obama lived between the Islands of Hawaii and Indonesia till he was 18 years old (1978) when he went to college in California for one year. He knew nothing of the ‘60s nor the causes of the ‘60s. He simply learned of them from his text books while in college. So you youngn’s get it straight this guy is as fake as the wood grain dashboard on that subcompact you're driving.


Anonymous said...

Furthermore, Barack isn't even eligible to be president since he was apparently born in Kenya.

Michelle Obama tells the LGBT that Barak's home country is Kenya:

Daan said...

Typical of you guys to count the emancipation of women as one of the "bad things that happened in the 60s".